A Fragmented Forever

You said you’d love me forever


Your affection was ephemeral

Yet I found comfort in the pattern of your fleeting and if close my eyes tight enough and try my damnedest to block out each and every time you left I could maybe sew together the short temporary stints you were here and only then could I say we had something long lasting

A fragmented forever


The Last Bite

You’d always make sure I got the last piece, the last bite, knowing how much I love you and food and not so much the sharing of either. Your fork would offer me the last taste of a delectable dinner and without question, the dessert.

Always. Until now. And I’m left confused and hungry and with my mouth half open as I watch you eat the last bite.

Three Hearts

How convenient it is that I’m an invertebrate when it comes to you;

A complete sucker.

I always loved you more.


1, 2, 3


You have an art

For breaking them.

You’ve broken me;


Bleeding blue.

All I wanted to do was hold you in my

Arms Arms Arms Arms

Arms Arms Arms Arms

You always slip away.

Not today.

You thought you’d hold me under,

and watch me drown.

This is my natural habitat;

I will pull you down.

I’m not what you think.

The ocean is my paper.

You cannot escape my ink

Moon/ Mood

April showers slowly tap tap tap against the glass, escalating to a rapid pitter patter beat dancing on the roof. The wind tries to keep up with my thoughts, running fast across the dark sky, rattling the windows as it chases the night. Howling and whistling and weaving between trees.

The moon peaks out from time to time from behind the curtain of clouds; shadows dance intermittently on my floor.

In between tangos , the dark and I exchange secrets. It’s 4am and the storm subsides.

I catch a glimpse of the moon; nonchalantly disrupting the dark, stealing sleep and pulling tides. A slight envy of how full he is; while I lay here so empty.

I wonder if the moon watches me too, knowing I won’t sleep and we can sit in the dark silence together until he slowly gives way to one more day I have to face.


It’s the cold. The quiet. The emptiness.

It’s how the bed now seems infinite.

It’s the way that I don’t have to fight for the covers anymore.

It’s how I miss your snoring.

It’s how my feet no longer find their nook.

It’s how the empty chair tauntingly sits at the table in your spot.

It’s how I still take out two cups for coffee.

It’s how I pour one cup but leave the one out … just incase.

It’s endless glances at the door. I

It’s the cold. The quiet. The emptiness.

The Wait.

Who knew it could be so heavy.


The scariest monsters are not

hiding in our closets or under our beds

They crawl under our skin and

get into our heads

They don’t have claws or sharp fangs

More like straight white teeth and

manicures hands

Lurking on the dark side

trying to pull you in

They’ll never win

These creatures walk amongst us

in fancy suits, in plain sight

Looking for a fight

Serpent tongues shed ugly truths

True colours shine through

Condescending cowards

Their sweet soon turns sour

Their smiles are sinister

Intentions are cruel

Breaking the rules

of how to be decent

Camouflaged and Masqueraded

Hoping it will hide how jaded

they’ve become


Rummaging through rack after rack of items that were once loved;

now discarded and forgotten.


Lost the lustre if bfeing brand new

Once someone’s favourite jeans and sweaters.

Perhaps they found something a little better.

Some a little faded, worn

Memories knitted into the fabric; sewn into the seems

Now recluse on their hangers,

Feeling used

As they are sifted through

Day after day

Wondering their worth.

If they will ever be someone’s favourite sweater again.